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Bathory Legion - BUKKAKE S.T.N

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Artist: Bathory Legion
Format: CDr
Time: 35 min
Genre: Black Noise
Limited: 50

After a first album - Through the Dimensions - halfway between the Industrial and Dark Ambient horror, Bathory Legion here reveals a facet more violent and much more Noise. Still dark and ambient, sound of lacerations and injections deaf and brutal blood coagulated will more frequent. But the strange melodies are still here, output of an old rusted music box, or of piano dilated by too many orgies. BUKKAKE S.T.N is minimalist and lapidary.

1- Intro - The Nethermind
2- Transmission
3- Anechoïc Flesh
4- Lust - The Spell Lullaby
5- Transfiguration
6- Inhumana - the Silence Towers
7- Opus Omnia ( Chaos-acoustic piano )
8- Anticristianismo Alchemico Militante V
9- N2 s4pire

Bathory Legion - Transfiguration (I Version) by ALCHEMIC SOUND MUSEUM

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