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Dedale(s) - MALKUTH

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Artist: Dedale(s)
Format: Cdr
Time: 45 min
Genre: Experimental / Noise / Industrial Ambiant / Soundtrack
Limited: 100

To celebrate the renewal of our world (this is not me saying it, but our friends the Mayan people), the last nightmare of the french band Dedale (s), produced by your servants, is pleased to open its creaking and oozing doors. The group has never been as close to a movie soundtrack, giving you almost an interactive experience . Stress, horror, and incredible monstruosity will skip you to the throat every corner of this maze masterfully architected. Each title is a separate entity and obscure, feeding your fears and your worst dreams tortuous for better you spit it in the face. In solitude and darkness, headphones on his head screwed, traveling to the dark corners of your soul.

Available in Pro Digipack CDR

- Incarnation
- Slaughter of Innocence
- Shekhina's Bloodbath
- The Qlipoth Industry
- Carceral Horror Of the Flesh
- Decay
- Call Of Rumble

Shekhinah's Bloodbath ( Feat Halgrath ) by DEDALE(S)

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