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Tears of Binah
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IM DUNKELN - Den Hellige Skogs Hemmeligheter

Den Hellige Skogs Hemmeligheter by IM DUNKELN is now available in free listening on Bandcamp or in digital download for the price of 7 euros.

Available here

2016 03 08

DEDALE(S) - Malkhut

Malkhut form DEDALE(S) is now available in free listening on Bandcamp or in digital download for the price of 7 euros.

Available here

2016 03 08

information :

Despite our stop (temporary ?) of production / new distrib, we continue to this day to honor all purchases of our catalog within the limits of available stocks.

2015 10 13

Dedale(s) - New production

Greetings, dark friends! (you can dress you up in pink, it's not a problem)

To celebrate the renewal of our world (this is not me saying it, but our friends the Mayan people), the last nightmare of the french band Dedale (s), produced by your servants, is pleased to open its creaking and oozing doors. The group has never been as close to a movie soundtrack, giving you almost an interactive experience . Stress, horror, and incredible monstruosity will skip you to the throat every corner of this maze masterfully architected. Each title is a separate entity and obscure, feeding your fears and your worst dreams tortuous for better you spit it in the face. In solitude and darkness, headphones on his head screwed, traveling to the dark corners of your soul.

Available here!

Enjoy human!

2012 12 21

New distribution

Hails girls and boys!

SCAPHANDRE is back with an album more mature, mastered, but still depressive, aptly named The Abyss Crypts. 90 minutes of noise, tears and fury, all wrapped in a beautiful digipack. A nice object that hides his game: Once the cake in the player, you will be overwhelmed by dark thoughts.

The beast sleeps here:


And to celebrate as it should the output of the new offspring, its mysterious father and ourselves offer a SCAPHANDRE pack.

For 18 Euros, you will receive the album Les Ancres and the last baby The Abyss Crypts, shipping included! If it is not a rock'n roll Santa, I'll mager hay!

Depression lurks:

Enjoy kids!

2012 11 20

Metal Maniac Radio

Just a little pub for the frenchies of METAL MANIAC RADIO, you agree, no?

A big choice of Metal style: underground (like us..), but also mainstream! It's so cool in our ears! We love this..huhu.

Check it, boys'n girls!

2012 11 07

New Distributions

Two new albums are in our cradle:

DAPNOM "Paralipomènes à la divine comédie"

The Greatest French Dark Ambient Artist is back with his most elaborated release.
4 tracks of Dark Ritual Sophisticated Evil Music.

Incredible artwork signed Metastazis (Morbid Angel, Secrets of The Moon, Ascension, Neo Inferno 262...).

MELEK-THA "Perfect World Eradication"

With seven years of existence and not less than twenty-five albums personnal or more official, Melek Tha continues without wane the horrible birth of her Dark Ambient Ritual Industrial signed at this time by Kubernoise. The result is again successful. The hot breath of Evil and the Apocalypse rushes gently in our heads for no more out, or just to finish in a depressing suffering.


2012 08 25


The last album of Nors'Klh La Haine Primordiale is now available in digital format.

Check the download section!

2012 08 24

ASM radio show!

ASM radio show, Tomorrow at  11 pm! 1 hour with Im Dunkeln, Scaphandre, Slave One and Dead Summer Society.

You can also win the last album of Im Dunkeln!

The show is also

- Tomorrow at 11 pm
- Thursday at 1 pm
- Friday at 6 pm
- Saturday at 11 pm
- Sunday at 1 pm


2012 07 03

Shit happen

Due to a database error previous news have been erased, we are sorry for this inconvenient.

2012 07 02