Alchemic Sound Museum

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About us

Alchemic Sound Museum is an small-budget independent label from France. Our main objective is to produce underground artists, mostly cold, dark, experimental and insane. The artists produced or edited by ASM are based on our own musical aspirations.
It is an underground publication.

Method of payment

All our physical catalog can be paid in several ways. We accept bank checks, money orders / cash, and of course, PayPal.

For orders except PayPal, please contact us via the mailbox (see the tab "contact"), and tell us your order and your name. We will provide all the information so you can validate your payment.

LOST OR DAMAGED ORDER: We are not responsible for packages lost, damaged or stolen, unless you had selected in advance a delivery with insurance. To obtain such an order, contact us at the following address: We recalculate the total price of your bill. The price will be based on insurance chosen. Thank you for your understanding.

Trades and Wholesale

Trade and wholesale are quite possible. Simply contact us via our email address and we will see all what is feasible or not.

Demo submision

Demos are welcome, and we are very grateful to everyone sending us their stuff... ASM is a very small underground label. We run on low budgets and can unfortunately only release a small amount of what we would like to. Also, we have limited time to answer to everyone who sends us demos. We will do our best to get back to you in a reasonable time and let you know what we think of your stuff. We listen to everything we get!

Note: We can accept some download links ONLY for the Digital ASM section. But keep in mind that, even in this case, we will need your album in WAV format, and not mp3.